Heat Seam Tape™ – Heritage Gold

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20m – 10 rolls per carton

Features a woven scrim (6-7 stitches per inch) with a glass fibre weft and a polyester warp. The glass fibre gives maximum strength across the seam, with no stretch; the polyester allows some stretch along the length. The scrim is stitched to the creped paper backing to ensure stability.

The more rigid, open texture of the ribbed adhesive is specially designed to give a good adhesive contact and penetration on carpets having Action Bac secondary backing.

In addition to the characteristics and beneifts mentioned above, the use of metallised GOLD foil instead of crepe paper:

  • Reduces heat los into the floor, giving a faster adhesive melt rate when the iron is applied and a faster seaming speed if required.
  • Prevents the adhesive from cooling too rapidly, allowing more working time on pattern match, etc.
  • Allows better control at lower temperatures for sensitive piles / backings. This top of the range tape is suitable for all types of backings.


TapesUnitType and PackingOrigin
Heat Seam Tape – Heritage GoldPer Roll10 Rolls Per Box (20m Length)CHN