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A simple floor rug can do wonders for your interior design and home space.

Jazz up your home space and beautify your office with vintage rugs from Heritage Carpets, one of the oldest rug suppliers. With over 50 years of experience in the carpet manufacturing industry as a supplier, we have abundant rug designs for all households and offices and hotels.

Located in Singapore, Heritage Carpets has more than 60 years of experience in marketing area rugs in Singapore and other countries, and the Heritage Rug Collection has grown to more than 80 ranges consisting of more than 1000 beautiful designs and colors to choose from. There’s a floor rug in our catalogue for everyone. Made with outstanding quality and built to last, our floor rugs are durable, sturdy but also eye-catching and attractive.

How to choose the best floor rug for your home

If you are spoilt for choice, here’s some inspiration for you.

For instance, opt for our Batik floor rug for a clean Scandinavian feel to your home. A rug from our collection will instantly add colour and life to your Scandinavian theme.

Otherwise, choose a vintage piece from our Deco collection. With subtle colours and smooth textures, the floor rugs from our Deco collection are neither flamboyant but flashy, but modest and excel in their simplicity.

Alternatively, choose quirky designs from our Bonita collection. Not only are they bright and candid, they are also trendy with a hint of personality and chicness.

While our collection is massive, we believe there is floor rug in our catalogue for everyone. Feel free to click on the icons to get ideas and inspirations for your interior design.

Why buy from Heritage Carpets?

Our team of seasoned designers and experts have countless years of experience in the industry. As a supplier, we’ve recommended, advised and guided numerous individuals and businesses to choose the best flooring solution for their homes and offices, respectively.

We are always ready and eager to share our designs and philosophy with new clients in Singapore and abroad! We look forward to serving and helping you!