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Everyone needs carpet tiles for their office and living space, but Heritage Carpets is where you can get quality flooring, competitive prices and efficient installation services all at one website. We are your one-stop solution for carpet tiles and flooring in Singapore.
Our team of experts have sourced the most ornamental, sturdy and dust-free carpets you can find anywhere within Singapore. Suitable for offices, waiting rooms, conference rooms, lecture theatres and meeting rooms, we have carpet tiles for all corporate areas. Our products are also completely stain resistant and do not lose their colour even after years of use – which means that our carpets are all long-lasting and can withstand damage of any nature. Ornamental and eye-catching, but more importantly, built to last, our carpet tiles can instantly transform and beatify your office space.

Color your world with Heritage carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are often used in offices and commercial buildings. Heritage Carpet’s carpet tiles come in a wide range of colors and patterns, ranging from bright and cheerful colors to dark earth colors which are suitable for offices, waiting rooms, conference rooms, lecture theatres and meeting rooms, etc. All carpet tiles are stain-resistant and with excellent performance on colorfastness so that the carpet tiles are long-lasting and can withstand damage of any nature. The ornamental and eye-catching patterned carpet tiles can instantly transform and beautify the area.

Heritage Carpet, your one-stop solution in Singapore and abroad, provides a large quality of carpet tiles, competitive pricing and efficient installation service to cater to all your needs.

Why buy from Heritage Carpets?

Heritage Carpet, one of the largest carpet suppliers and a flooring solutions supplier that has been around for more than 82 years. What has kept our business afloat in Singapore and other parts of the world?

We have an extremely massive collection of carpet tiles with a large variety colors and undertones which will bring life to all kinds of office themes and styles.

Since our founding in 1936, Heritage Carpet has a strong team of staff who are constantly brainstorming and innovating to come up with new ideas, designs and quality carpet tiles and flooring solutions for our clients around the world. The team at Heritage Carpets adopts and adapts the styles and features of existing flooring solutions in the market and constructs our own custom range of carpet tiles, and we strive to continue improving our products in years to come.

As a veteran supplier in the carpet industry, our team is seasoned, professionally-trained and determined to provide excellent customer service and superb quality products to serve you in the best possible way.

Browse our catalogue and choose from countless designs of quirky, decorative and artsy designs. Transform your office and work space with the leading supplier, Heritage Carpets today!