Area Rugs Wool

A carpet requires little maintenance: vacuum cleaning once a week is sufficient. A wool carpet is by its very nature antistatic and soil-resistant, so the occasional stain can be removed in a trice. However, correct cleaning and maintenance are required if your carpet gets dirty. The following instructions should be borne in mind.

  • Act promptly: the longer you wait to deal with a stain, the more difficult it is to remove.
  • Blot liquids with a dry, white absorbent paper towel or cloth.
  • Do not scrub! Scrubbing may damage the wool fibre. Continue to blot the stain until the affected area is completely dry. For sticky substances, it is best to use a round spoon. Stubborn stains should be broken up and removed with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Test each detergent! If the use of a specific detergent is recommended in the “Spot removal guide” on the Internet, you are strongly urged to test each product first on the carpet. Apply it to an inconspicuous area. Apply a few drops of the product to the carpet and then blot the test area with a white cloth. There should be no colour transfer to the cloth or colour change in the carpet. If a change occurs, another cleaning product should be selected.
  • Apply a tiny quantity of detergent to a white cloth and gently apply to the affected area. Work from the edges to the center of the spot so as to avoid spreading the stain. Do not scrub but gently blot the stain away.
  • Keep applying detergent to the stain as long as there is a transfer of the stain to the cloth. Patience and persistence are extremely important.
  • Once the stain is completely gone rinse the affected area thoroughly with cold water so as to get rid of any residual detergent. Blot with a dry white cloth until the spot is completely dry. N.B.: Ensure only the carpet pile is wet not the carpet backing.
  • When a carpet becomes soiled after years of use, it is best to have it cleaned by a professional. There are a whole host of deep cleaning methods available to guarantee your carpet an attractive appearance and a long life. Professional steam cleaning involves spraying a solution of warm water and a cleaning product so as to loosen the dirt. The dirt is then extracted by the vacuum method. This process is ideal for heavy soiling as it ensures dirt deep in the carpet is removed.
  • If you want your carpet cleaned by a professional, call in a reputable firm and be sure to check their references.