Fjord area rugs are decorative floor coverings that are made from a blend of 60% micro polyester and 40% PP heatset B-Tron. Micro polyester is a type of synthetic fiber that is made from very fine yarns, which gives the rug a soft, silky feel. It’s also known for its resistance to shrinking, wrinkling, and staining.
PP heatset B-Tron is a synthetic fiber made from polypropylene, known for its durability, stain resistance, and resistance to damage from sunlight. The rug is made in Belgium, known for its high quality handmade rugs
The rug is advertised as non-shedding, which means that fibers will not come loose and create dust or lint. This is often a desirable feature in a rug as it means less maintenance and cleaning. The rug will also be very durable and should stand up well to heavy use.
  • Woven Rugs/Heatset/Modern
  • 60% Micro Polyester + 40% PP Heatset B-Tron
  • Suitable For Floor Heating
  • Non-Shedding
  • Made In Belgium
  • Sizes: 160x230cm | 200x290cm
  • Usage: Indoor

*Product images on the website will vary in colour due to many factors such as monitor type, scan quality, lighting arrangements etc. Images do not seek to duplicate the exact visual appearance, but serve merely as a guide or point of reference. Actual carpet samples should be inspected at your nearest Heritage Carpets outlet to confirm texture and colour before making a purchase decision.
Colours:50402-050 | 50402-060 | 50402-070 | 50402-090 | 50405-560 | 50405-650 | 50405-670 | 50407-560 | 50407-670 | 50407-690 | 50414-670 | 50414-960 | 50415-566 | 50415-670 | 50415-699 | 50423-670 | 50423-690 | 50423-960 | 50435-960 | 50436-560 | 50436-690 | 50437-650 | 50437-690 | 50437-960 | 50438-670

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Construction: PP Heatset (Modern)
Fibre: PES + PP Heatset
Total Weight: 2.7 kg/m²
Pile Weight: 1.9 kg/m²
Pile Height: 14 mm
Characteristics: Suitable for floor heating. Non-shedding.

160x230cm (5’03” x 7’06”)
200x290cm (6’07” x 9’06”)

Usage: Indoor
Nett Weight (kg/m2): 2.70
HS Code: 5702.42.00

Made In Belgium

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