Magical Tile

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Magical Tiles is an extremely affordable yet strong and durable carpet tile that fully meets the needs of today’s competitive office environment.

Due to the cut & loop texture and the solid colorations of Magical Tiles, the edge lines may be visible if planks of the same color are joined next to each other. The visible edge lines are an inherent characteristic of the plank and not a defect, just as one can also see the edge lines when joining wood planks or PVC planks. If the visual effect of the edge lines is required to be minimised, we recommend to install planks of different and contrasting colors next to each other.


101 Light Grey | 102 Medium Grey | 103 Dark Grey | 104 Medium Blue | 105 Dark Blue | 105 Black | 107 Medium Green | 108 Neon Green | 109 Light Beige | 110 Medium Beige | 111 Light Brown | 112 Yellow Mustard | 113 Pumpkin Orange