Topaz 04



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Carton Packing Details

Color 4400 Shady Grey:

All the 20 planks in each carton will have NO accent lines.

Colors 4401 to 4409:

Each carton of 20 planks will contain about 7 to 8 planks with the individual bright accent lines, while the balance of 12 to 13 planks will look exactly like 4400 Shady Grey (no accent lines). Each carton will contain only ONE accent color. For instance if you order “4401 Freezer Red”, inside the carton you will receive about 7 to 8 planks in color 4401 and about 12 to 13 planks in “4400 Shady Grey”.

Accordingly, you can mix and match the plank colors with almost innite layout variations.

4400 Shady Grey | 4401 Freezer Red | 4402 Jello Blue | 4405 Apple Green | 4406 Royal Gold | 4409 Orange Sun | 4499 Middle Grey

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